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This free Role Playing Game was the first RPG I ever released. It is the first in a multi part story of games I dubbed "The Gaya Fantasy". Set in a world of gods and magic, you take the role of Lyla, a half human/half dragon lady and warrior of the goddess Gaya. Lyla is sent to a remote island where a terrible tragedy has ended all life. The island is now trapped in the void between realities and it is up to you to find out what happened. You do so by traveling back and forth in time and prevent whatever is happening to consume the island. The island hides many secrets and temples and you have to solve them all. If you love old Super Nintendo RPGs this one is for you.


Bahamut.zip 92 MB


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Hi there, can you help? How to reach the flooded cave?


there are two entrances and you need to switch between shadow and light to enter both of them. you'll need a specific item and upgrades to get there. my advice is to talk to everyone and explore every cave and you will find the right entrance eventually. it is a bit tricky but don't give up :)

Oh well, I think I'll let it be. Either I don't get how to get those upgrades or something isn't really working. Thanks for the reply :)